Feral is art as an instinctive response to life.
Feral art is unambitious.
Feral art is not interested in the selling or ownership of art.
Feral creativity is a fundamental activity of existence.
Feral art is seeded within decolonial thought.
Feral art is anti-assimilation.
Feral art is made in opposition to the capitalistic system.
Feral art revels in the unknown.

Riah Naief is an Urban Feral, who lives and creates within the Feral Manifesto.

For more information or possible collaborations, please do get in contact.

To support the artist, paypal: Riah.naief@network.rca.ac.uk

An Urban Feral is a creature and community, juxtaposed in the metropolis and natural in every sense of the word. It functions outside of society or systematic living. Creating it's own rules - it reinvents the character of wildness within the cityscape.

MA Information Experience Design, Royal College of Art, 2015.
BA Interior Design, London College of Communication, 2013.
FdA Graphic & Spatial Communication, London College of Communication, 2011.

*Imagine a list of self-actualising artistic ventures here.*